City Government

City Hall: (563) 566-4405

A mayor and five council members, all elected at large, are the elected officials of the City of Lime Springs. Council meetings, nearly all of which are open to the public, are held monthly in the Community Center. Interested persons are encouraged to attend. City council meetings are normally held the first Tuesday of the month.

Elected Officials

Mayor: Chris Chilson (563) 203-7179 Councilmen:
  • Amy Norton, Mayor Pro-tem    (563) 203-7046
  • Jen Smith    (563) 387-7449
  • Kris Kraft     641) 330-1740
  • Jennifer DeVries    (563) 379-7613
  • Kris McNamara     507) 951-6557

JOB Openings

Help-Wanted for City of Lime Springs :

City Maintenance Part-Time Seasonal

The City of Lime Springs is seeking applicants for seasonal part-time employment in our Public Works area. Ed Hampe has retired. This person would be performing maintenance work across various City departments including Parks, Roads, Pool, Water & Sewer. The most frequent assistance needed would be with road & park maintenance, minor building repairs and snow removal.

Part-Time Deputy Clerk

The City of Lime Springs is accepting applications for a part-time Deputy Clerk. We are looking for applicants that would be interested in performing excellent customer service, maintaining financial account records, coordinating operational activities, preparing legal documents, and conferring with coworkers to coordinate work activities. The hours would be 16 hours per week and the applicant would be working alongside our full time City Clerk.

Stop in and pick up an application or call 563-566-4405 and one can be mailed